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Fresh Produce From Your Backyard



Gardening Estimates

  •  Line-item estimate of materials/labor
  •  Contract and 50% deposit instructions
  •  Photos of plants, hardscape, feature

Design Drawing Options

  1.  Hand drawn sketch ($200 non-refundable)
  1.  CAD drawing scaled to your survey.

(Price varies, 50% refunded if garden installation is approved within 3 months)

Discover Our Mission

We at Pure-N-Rich welcome you to a journey that will change the way we obtain quality health. Since the beginning of time, we have established our roots in community. Our goal is to bring back the olden traditions of community, working together, sharing, and bartering. 

We specialize in growing food in the backyards of communities and neighbors, enabling the opportunity for neighbors or yourself to access natural produce right from your backyard. With our system we do it clean and seamless to maintain quality upkeep of your backyard.

What We Do?

Raised Garden Bed Construction

We provide the construction build of the raised garden beds.


We plant a variety of produce that fits your household needs and consumptions.